Paris Summerfest and Terrance's Birthday

An Evening with Alan Riding June 19

Join me for an evening with Alan Riding, author of AND THE SHOW WENT ON: CULTURAL LIFE IN NAZI-OCCUPIED PARIS

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A Day with Caillebotte in Yerres

Just 20 minutes by RER from Paris, a visit to the park, museum, temporary exhibit and a pause for  lunch at the restaurant or sandwich on a park bench is a lovely, 19th century way to spend a day
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An Afternoon Chez John Baxter



on March 24 2018 you will soar to John Baxter's 6th floor apartment on the wings of the recently installed elevator, where we will feast on fromage, charcuterie and wine, amid his collection of first editions, including THE GREAT GATSBY

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The Paris Literary Salon

“One learns much more from authors’ conversations than from their books, and the authors themselves are not the source from which one learns most. It is the spirit of social gatherings that…pushes one’s vision as far as it can go.” –Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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Sundays with Terrance –11AM-12:30PM

What a lovely start to a Sunday, to have a drink with Terrance and friends  at Le Sélect.  If you haven’t decided whether to book one of Terrance’s tours or assistance in advance of your trip, this may well be the moment to make up your mind- so make sure it’s your first Sunday in town.

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An Evening with Marcel Proust and Stephane Heuet

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No one should have a bad meal in Paris! Whether a 2-star restaurant or a local bistro there should always be an excellent rapport qualité prix– relationship between price and quality. At my favorites you will be treated as a regular and have a satisfying experience. Just tell them  “Terrance sent you.”


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Regularly scheduled literary salons with guest writers, private dinners, restaurant openings, wine tastings,market visits and cooking classes attract a discerning, sophisticated crowd who love to have a good time while they learn. Our cadre of Paris–based colleagues happily share their passion for this magical city.