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Avid Reader

You don't have to be a writer to be an editor but it helps if you read, and Bob Gottlieb began at the age of four with Kipling's Jungle Books, and he hasn't stopped since.
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Hero of the Empire

At first glance, Candice Millard's Hero of the Empire elicits a groan.  Another book about Churchill?  A tickle of fascination, too: what's been discovered about him now?  What delicious new witticisms, what proofs of his determination and, yes, sometimes murderous focus on the big picture at the expense of lives, resources, opportunities, and so on?
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Al Capone

Capone was proud to be a first generation American and proudly boasted: "I'm not Italian, I'm Brooklyn."
Circumstances denied him an extended education but he was a cultured man with a passion for opera, especially Verdi and while serving time in Alcatraz he worked in the prison library.
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A Gentleman in Moscow

The Sport of Kings/C.E.Morgan

Once in a decade there appears a truly remarkable, unforgettable book, that forces you to slow down and savor very word, every nuance-this is that book!

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