Full of food, wine and good cheer, we stepped out into the cool, misty Paris night air.  He bid us farewell with a kiss and a hug and we watched as he descended into the deep caverns of the Metro. I turned to my companions and asked “Who was that masked man?”….behind us from the shadows a tall, dark figure emerged, his trench coat pulled high about him, the brim of his hat so low we could barely see his features but for the red hot glow of his cigarette through the swirling mist under the flickering street lamp…then in a deep, rich voice he said, “Why Monsieur, you did not know? That was none other than Le Baron de Brooklyn et de Parriee”.  Stunned, we turned to catch another glimpse of Le Baron, but he was gone….from the depths of the Metro rose the screech of metal against metal as the train pulled to a stop, and as the doors rolled shut we heard his strong voice sing out “I love Paris every moment, every moment of the year….Hi Ho Metro….Away.” We turned back to the tall stranger…but he too was gone.

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On Friday evening I returned from a fantastic trip to Paris for 8 days, and this is not to tell you about the trip but more importantly the person who set up my trip, found my hotel, set up trips to museums, and even the car service to and from the airport. His name is Terrance and he has a website which is www.paris-expat.com and he also puts out a newsletters with what is happening in Paris and the surrounding area.  He is a former “New Yawker” and spent a lot of time in Brooklyn and now makes Paris his home.
One of the best points is his walking tour of Paris.  He introduces you to cafe owners, and makes certain you see everything you wanted to see and more.  He is well known for spending his Sunday afternoons at the Cafe Flore on Blvd St Germain; and has has also written a book, which is titled, “From Bagels to Brioches”.  After being there for 8 days I can see why he lives there and is loving it.
If you are thinking of going to Paris and the surrounding areas; you can not find anyone better to set up your hotels, fine dinners, wine tastings, and other excursions.
Please pass this on and I get nothing for writing with the exception my dream trip came true and it was fantastic!!
Best regards,

-Brian (O’Leary)

I wanted to say once again, what a lovely, lovely time we had in Paris!!! You really know how to set us up! All of our guides were the absolute best there could be. The cooking class was marvelous. Your recommendations were right on. And even the final dinner at the Eiffel tower was at the best table with a fantastic view. Superb all around. Thank you again for making our trip effortless, and pretty darn wonderful!

-Nina Stricker, San Francisco

I went to Paris last month with my family and Terrance was once again of great assistance. But he is much more than an expat contact in the City of Light. He provides an insider’s guidance in every aspect of a visit. Moreover, Terrance is a concierge extraordinaire, an impresario, a bon vivant, a published author, and a crooner. In short, a good man to know when one is wandering around in that part of the world…

-Robin Oliver, Mill Valley, CA

Bravo for your talent in creating a special Paris for we “Parisians” and those who come to discover the secrets of the city of light.

-Chillar R

We had the best time of our life.Paris gave us everything we were hoping for. We want to thank you for making it possible.
Again thanks,

-Gilvan and Roberto, San Rafael

I recently discovered your web site while researching a food blog.  Your interview with Alec Lobrano both enchanted and impressed me with your knowledge of the Paris food scene. Not only do you have a special charm that is transferred to your audience, but the style in which you impart your information is both entertaining and enticing.  It makes me want to book the next flight to Paris!

Thank you for the terrific service that you provide for us “Francophiles”.  Although, I must admit, you appear to be having the time of your life.

-Sandra DelGiorno

The wise-cracking, entertaining Terrance Gelenter, a former New Yorker who’s a cross between a tour guide and a stand-up comic who looks and dresses the part of a Parisian was our guide in Paris. His tours are filled with lots of anecdotes about Paris life and he often interrupts his walks to say “bonjour” to the many French celebrities he knows and who frequent the Paris cafes of which the fast-talking American has become an expert.

“Paris’ café culture dates back to the 19th century and Hemingway popularized them with tourists in his writings,” Gelenter tells our small group outside the famous Café Les Deux Magots in the St. Germain des Pres area. “If you come into a café two days in a row, they’ll know your name and what you drink.

“A smile and a bonjour will get you a lot in a Paris café,” he tells us. Terrance has been known to regale his clients with a sampling of his favourite love songs – his rendition of Tony Bennett classics is most entertaining.

“I love my job because it allows me to show people the real Paris and not the one that’s been planned out for them in a guidebook,” says Terrance over a glass of wine in a classic French restaurant where everyone knows him – he even gets the owner/chef to take us to the room’s ancient wine cellar for a private viewing.
Try doing that without a guide.

-Marc Atchison, Travel Life Magazine

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