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Massimo Mori

For many of us, raised in America, Italian food was symbolized by oceans of tomato sauce covering cauldrons of mass produced spaghetti-we didn’t know from pasta. And let’s not forget eggplant parmigiana covered with mozzarella not  bufala, perhaps from Buffalo, lasagna and veal marsala that had been finished  with a sweet marsala wine that came in a small bottle for about $1.39 and should have carried the warning: For cooking only, Not For Drinking.

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Images by Marc

As a former stamp collector and history buff there was no way I could resist Marc’s charming shop around the corner from my apartment, on the Boulevard Beaumarchais. It is crammed with antique post cards, advertising posters, photographs and glorious images of the Belle Epoque.

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Terence Kenny-Doo Wop King of Champagne

Over flutes of champagne Terence and I swapped New York stories, sang accapella doo-wop to the amazement of nearby diners and discovered a shared passion for France and bubbles

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Betty Werther

I first met Betty Werther at a dinner party chez Naomi Barry, herself a legend at Gourmet magazine, in 2009. I am proud to call her a good friend.

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Bertrand Tavernier

Trained as a lawyer, his passion for film led him to publicize American films in France and eventually become a filmmaker.

His first major film The Clockmaker based on a Simenon novel was set in his native Lyon and started a legendary collaboration with Philippe Noiret. ‘Round Midnight was an opportunity to explore his passion for jazz and the life of African-American musicians in Paris after the war.

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