Its festival time at Juan-les-Pinsand jazz is in the air, day and night.
Gilles LEFRANCQ / OTC Antibes Juan Les Pins.
Its festival time at Juan-les-Pins and jazz is in the air day and night. 
When I saw the program for July 18,2018 I knew that I had to go. Chick Corea whose PIANO IMPROVISATIONS VOLUME 1 I had discovered in 1969 and David Sanborn whose saxophone I first heard in support of the singer Micahel Franks.
But first we had a convivial rosé at Fred's bar where he serves Wines of the Stars, including Cuvée Gerard Depardieu.
From our Art Deco hotel,Le Grand Pavois, we were but 100 meters to the beach and 90 meters to the stage.
The concert left us too high to call it a night so we wandered into town and discovered LE NEW ORLEANS where a keyboardist and saxophonist performed and accompanied a talented amateur singers including a Belgian Elvis. 
A festive night and once I know next years schedule I'll make plans to come back-care to join me?
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