Burgundy Beckons


It had been an unusually late spring and the vendange (harvest) at many wineries had been delayed a few days so on this cool fall day I played tourist. My first stop was the Ferme Fruirouge inthe hameau de Concoeur, home to 100 persons and 40 houses.


It had been an unusually late spring and the vendange (harvest)at many wineries had been delayed a few days so on this cool fall day I played tourist.

sylvanMy first stop was the Ferme Fruirouge in the hameau de Concoeur, home to 100 persons and 40 houses.

In 1993 Sylvain inherited the farm that had been in the family for 3 generations. In 1995 in partnership with his companion Isabelle, La Ferme Fruirouge was launched.

On 13 hectares they cultivate the gamut of red fruits: strawberries, raspberries, cherries, groseilles and several varieties of cassis. From their harvest they produce condiments-a chutney-like “ketchup”, créme de cassis too delicious to mix with white wine , fruit in eau de vie and confitures of the most intense flavor that are made with nothing but fruit and sugar.

Sylvan is passionate about his hand-crafted products– it took seven years for Williams-Sonoma to earn the right to sell his products and they don’t stay on the shelves for more that a few days. He will wax poetic over all of his babies and I challenge you to resist stocking up after a tasting.

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Aubertine, 40 rue Fremicourt 75015 01-47 83 82 09

Tomats 12 rue Jacob 75006 01 44 07  36 58

Fine l’épicerie 30 rue de Belleville 75020 09 81 17 95 88

 2 Place de l’église Hameau de Concoeur

9AM-12PM,  2PM-7PM
Tel: 03 80 62 36 25

Now that my tastebuds had been awakened it was time for lunch at Ermitage de Corton on the road to Beaune.

A small charming hotel, owned and managed the charming Clémence and Nicolas Chambon. In the heart of the Burgundian vineyards, close to Beaune, between the Côtes de Beaune and the Côtes de Nuit. In addition to the main building you will find a guesthouse offering all the services of a hotel.


Nicolas greeted us and ushered us to our table in the lovely dining room that serves as a hint to the wonderful meal that was to follow for only 29 euros + wines from the region.

Burgundy snails can be found on almost all local menus at this time of year and ours were served with raw cepes accompanied by a vin blancfrom Chorey-Lés-Beaune at 7 euros.


Sticking with white wine I ordered a sautéed filet de sandre avec échalotes confites à la grenadine that was firm, moist and perfumed by the shallots.

A slab of Brillat-Savarin gave me chance to taste the house red (burgundy) also at 7 euros and this excellent meal concluded with acroustillant praliné, mousse fruit de la passion.

Coffee and a few drops of Marc de Bourgogne, made by distilling the pips and skins left in the press after juice has been extracted from wine grapes capped this afternoon interlude. Had it been late enough it would have been up to bed in one of the comfortable rooms.


Each comes with a flat screen television, mini-bar, ipod/iphone docking station, alarm clock, boiler with tea and coffee and, in some rooms, a small lounge that’s ideal for relaxing after a long walk through the vineyards or for a children’s bed available free to guests with children.


Tel : 03 80 22 05 28

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