A Day in Champagne

Join me for a day in the vineyards of Champagne.

We will begin our program with a visit to one of my favorite boutique wineries: Roger-Coulon where they produce but 100, 000 bottles annually, unlike the millions produced by the names you know, that appear in quantity on the shelves of your local supermarket at holiday time. I don't want to mention names, but think Moet & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Taittinger, etc. and conclude the day with a visit to René Geoffroy.

In beyween we will pause for lunch featuring a different champagne with each course at Reims' Café du Palais across the street from the Palais du Justice
Monthly Departures-Next program Oct 17
and on demand 
4-8 persons (minimum 4 to travel)
Tell your friends or organize a family outing or corporate team-building activity
360 euros person includes driver and pick up in Paris
PayPal or wire transfer
Our first stop will be in Vrigny at Champagne Roger-Coulon-Boutique (90,000 bottles) producer whose champagne can be found on the menus of Thomas Keller’s prestigious restaurants THE FRENCH LAUNDRY in California’s Napa Valley and PER SE in New York’s Warner Center.

Tour of the vineyard and cave followed by tasting of 3 champagnes.

In the Vogt family since 1930 the Café du Palais is a true family affair. The front of the house is overseen by Jean-François and his lovely wife Delphine. His brother-in-law Sébastien also works the floor and sister Isabelle cooks. The dining room is filled with art and hanging sculptures collected over the years.

René Geoffroy and celebrants

“The Geoffroy family have been winemakers since the seventeenth century and the property has stayed in the family for almost 400 years, uninterrupted.  In addition to prime parcels in Cumières,  the family has holdings  in Damery, Hautvillers, and Dizy.  They aim for the highest possible quality and ferment the wines in oak barrels for their Cuvée Sélectionnée [now called Cuvée Empreinte] and Brut Prestige [now called Cuvée Volupté].  The wines don’t go through malolactic fermentation, which gives them the nerve and aging potential that most Cumières Champagnes lack.  When you talk to the well-educated young Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy, you understand that this is a family that cares passionately about wine.

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