Ma Chère et Tendre

A brand new destination for les connaisseurs carnivores at the Meridien Hotel at Porte Maillot.Ma Chère et Tendre can serve 165 diners at a time in a sleek and modern environment decorated in shades of black and red.


A brand new destination for les connaisseurs carnivores at the Meridien Hotel at Porte Maillot.


Ma Chère et Tendre can serve 165 diners at a time in a sleek and modern environment decorated in shades of black and red.

The concept is very simple– bring in the finest beef from France and around the world (Argentina, US, the German Alps  and Ireland), cook it to order over gas-fired grills and serve with an assortment of sides: frites, vanilla-scented purée of pommes de terre, French version of mac and cheese-you get the idea.


And start with crab cakes or shrimp cocktail.

A tender rustic meat from France’s central region–Ideal for those who like taste and not fat.

Skirt steak (200g) The butcher’s cut or as we know it hanger steak
Sirloin (180g or 360g) Delicate, fine-grained, succulent cut with very little fat

A subtle and refined taste from the North-East of Aveyron-For those who like well aged meat with a strong character.
Rib eye (350g or 500g)–A rib of beef, boned, perfectly marbled

Elegant flavour,very little fat–tender and light
Filet (180g or 360g) Subtle flavour, best enjoyed rare
« Surf & Turf »
Filet of Charolaise with ½ a grilled lobster: The legendary dish of American steakhouses!

From Cantal, it has a rich, deep flavour and magnificent marbling.
Melt in your mouth tender
Heart of rump steak (180g)
The best of sirloin, combining tenderness and taste

You can also order steak tartare and even a hamburger. A few fresh fish are available but I’d be suspicious of someone who ordered fish in a steakhouse.



On this day I was joined by four colleagues from the French gastronomic press. Feeling compelled to represent America I ordered a class American menu: excellent “Maryland” crab cakes, Surf & Turf without the potato baked in a aluminum foil that we were served when dining out with our parents.

The lobster was very tasty and the filet of Charolais tender and delicious but I coveted Alain’s Argentinian Black Angus Rib Eye that had most recently dined on the grassy Argentine pampas. Being a total gentlemen he sacrificed a portion of his 400 gram beauty in the spirit of comradeship–wow!



The New York–style cheesecake was described as vrai! If you are a stickler for authenticity run every time you encounter this expression. It wouldn’t cut it in Brooklyn but it was a delightful dessert–light, creamy and made with real Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

When the next shipment arrives from Buenos Aires I’ll be back for my own Argentine Rib Eye.

Daily formule 
Entrée, plat ou Plat, dessert
35 euros

Ma Chère et Tendre 81 Blvd, Gouvion-Saint-Cyr, Paris 17eme

Metro: Porte Maillot, exit 2

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