Jeanne B.

Fredric Hubig, the Earl of the Eleventh (AstierSassotondoJeanne A) on the rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud) has applied the “Hubig touch” to Montmartre with the opening of Jeanne B, the younger but bigger sister of Jeanne A.



Fredric Hubig, the Earl of the Eleventh (AstierSassotondoJeanne A) on the rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud) has applied the “Hubig touch” to Montmartre with the opening of Jeanne B, the younger but bigger sister of Jeanne A.

Halfway up the hill from rue Lepic at rue des Abbesses to the Place du Tertres this bistro/épicerie offers a comfy and delicious break from mountain-climbing and take-out delights for the work weary.

I shared the customary enthusiastic bisous with Sebastian, the young manager who had previously worked at Hubig’s upscale Café Moderne. My recently arrived to Paris staff photographer Marcos Lira, whose work illustrates this page, joined me and we immediately grabbed the table with 2 fauteuils and a view of the street.


I had been alerted to the croq’ homard, chunks of lobster on a golden toasted brioche slathered with cibettes and olive oil accompanied by a a piece of brioche with creamy parmesan and a green salad of assorted lettuce- light, fragrant and very sensual. As in any Hubig restaurant there is a very good wine list, in this case offered by the glass, bottle or magnum. Sebastian poured a dry, white cotes du Rhone from Domaine Gravennes with excellent minerality.


Since were are both afficionados of os à moelle we were compelled to try it à la Jeanne B. In this original interpretation of the classic French starter it was served lengthwise and covered in olive-oiled parsley and crushed croutons and of course a touch of sel de Guerande. A red from the Cotes de Blaye in the Gironde worked wonderfully.


For our main courses Marcos selected saddle of rabbit stuffed with rabbit thighs and I chose the house specialty, roasted black-legged poulet de Challans with potatoes gratinoise that can be ordered as a meal in itself with the potatoes and a green salad for 15 euros-add 4 euros for a glass of wine. There was no reason to switch from the Cote de Blaye so we continued and added a few gouttes for the cheese course.


As a cousin to Astier of the renowned or infamous 16 cheese, cheese course, our selection included a chèvre, pungent Brie de Meaux, tomme with spicy espillettes from the Pays-Basque and a Roquefort from Gabriel Coulet.

Dessert was assisted by a Bas Armagnac and a Veille de Prune


The atmosphere was friendly and I chatted with all of my neighbors including Andrew, Rose and the rest of a group of retired doctors from Norwich (England not Connecticut.)

Jeanne B, 61 rue Lepic 750018

Tel: 01-42 51 17 53

Open Daily 10AM-10:30PM. Lunch formules from 15euros-19euros

Metro:  Lamarck-Caulincourt, Abbesses

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