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Wartime Sites in Paris

Paris never ceases to delight its millions of visitors.  This book is a guide to historical sites in Paris associated with the Second World War, which official French histories call La Guerre 39-45.

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The Arsenal of Democracy

A dramatic, intimate narrative of how Ford Motor Company went from making automobiles to producing the airplanes that would mean the difference between winning and losing World War II.

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Suite Francaise

Celebratedin pre-WWII France for her bestselling fiction, the Jewish, Russian-born Némirovsky, was shipped to Auschwitz in the summer of 1942, months after Suite Francaise, her ong-lost masterwork was compos

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Americans in Paris: Life and Death Under Nazi Occupation

Unlikely Collaboration


In 1941, the Jewish American writer and avant-garde icon Gertrude Stein embarked on one of the strangest intellectual projects of her life: translating for an American audience the speeches of Marshal Philippe Pétain, head of state for the collaborationist Vichy government.
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Brave Genius

Sean Carroll’s never-before-told account of the intersection of two of the most insightful minds of the twentieth century, Nobel Prize winners Albert Camus and Jacques Monod is a dramatic story of how war, resistance, and courage can catalyze genius.

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The Nazi and The Psychiatrist

In 1945, after his capture at the end of the Second World War, Hermann Göring arrived at an American-run detention center in war-torn Luxembourg, accompanied by sixteen suitcases and a red hatbox. The suitcases contained all manner of paraphernalia: medals, gems, two cigar cutters, silk underwear, a hot water bottle, and the equivalent of $1 million in cash.

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The Hotel on Place Vendome

With this material Lubitsch could have have made a great comedy in the style of Ninotchka.

The Ritz before and just after the Nazi occupation was at times the home of Hermann Goring, Marlene Dietrich, Ernest Hemingway and wives #3 and #4, Coco Chanel, Robert Capa, Lee Miller and any number of spies and double agents.


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